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The organization of a meet is crucial to hosting a safe, meaningful and financial viable meet. Depending on the meet, an Event Organizer (no formal certifications), a Meet Coordinator (certified Levels 1-3) and/or a Competitors Steward (certified Levels 3-5) may be responsible for organizing the meet.


Meets can be sanctioned under a BCSSA Sanction (Regional Sanction or Provincial Sanction) and an SSC Sanction. More information about SSC Sanctions can be found on the SSC website. To apply for a BCSSA Sanction:

  • Please read the Sanction Overview before applying for a BCSSA Sanction.
  • Complete the online BCSSA Sanction Request Form.
  • The BCSSA Office will email a Sanction Certificate and an invoice for the $75 Sanction Fee to the Meet Coordinator and Club Treasurer. If the Sanction Fee has not been received at the BCSSA Office by the date of the event, the club will be invoiced an additional $75.
  • The Sanction Certificate is a guarantee between the event organizer(s) and BCSSA that the competition will operate according to SSC and/or BCSSA standards and procedures.

Pre-Competition Planning

  • Email Lorna and/or the Competitions Committee to have the event added to the BCSSA Events & Results calendar. Dates should be added as soon as they are known and must be added by September 1st if the club wants to have officials assigned by ODC.
  • *NEW FOR 2015-2016* All sanctioned meet registration forms must include the following statement and corresponding check box: “I have read and agree to the BCSSA Concussion Protocol”. The BCSSA Concussion Protocol can be found on the Safety webpage.
  • When ODC has assigned officials to the competition, contact information for those officials can be found in the Officials Contact List (available from the BCSSA Office).
  • Arrange to use the Horn Start and/or Electronic Lap Counter, as appropriate for the competition.
  • In coordination with the Recorder and Referee, plan appropriate racing events for the competition.
  • See the BCSSA Safety webpage for resources related to safety of all members at the competitions.

Competition Requirements

Note that these are the minimum requirements for a competition with a BCSSA Sanction. Competitions with SSC sanctions may have additional requirements.

  • The Sanction Certificate must be displayed by the Recorder’s Office during the competition.
  • The BCSSA Officials Code of Ethics must be visibly displayed during the competition.
  • The BCSSA Medical Requirements must be adhered to. Please refer to the  Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Template as needed.
  • The Track Certification Form must be completed by a surveyor and signed by the Chief Referee prior to the competition.
  • Copies of the BCSSA Injury Report Form, BCSSA Suspected Concussion Form and BCSSA Incident Report Form must be available at the competition venue. Examples of a reportable incident include: an altercation between participants and a parent/coach/official berating another person.
  • Copies of the Athletic Accident Report (insurance claim form- please email the Office for a copy if you didn’t already receive one with your Sanction Certificate) must be available (but not publicly posted/available) at the competition venue. Ensure injured skaters (or their parents if the skater is a minor) receive a copy. The forms are to be submitted directly by the skater/family to BFL Canada.

Reporting Requirements

It is the Meet Coordinator’s responsibility to ensure that the proper paperwork is completed after a competition. Meet protocols should be emailed to the BCSSA Office ( and the BCSSA Competitions Committee ( as soon as possible following the competition. Other reporting requirements include:

Online Forms

Please complete the following online forms within 14 days of all BCSSA sanctioned competitions:

Documents Required by ODC

Please email the following documents directly to ODC ( within 14 days of all BCSSA sanctioned competitions:

Documents Required by the BCSSA Office

Please mail the following documents to the BCSSA office within 14 days of all BCSSA sanctioned competitions:

  • Injury Report Forms
  • Incident Report Forms
  • SSC Sanction Certificates (if the competition carried an SSC Sanction, the SSC Sanction Certificate must be mailed back to the BCSSA Office).

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