BCSSA is comprised of four Standing Committees (Athlete Development Committee, Coaching Development Committee, Officials Development Committee and Club and Membership Development Committee)  and four Operating Committees (Competitions Committee, Awards Committee, Records Committee and Risk Management Committee). All committee members (with the exception of Staff Liaisons) are volunteers.

Athlete Development Committee (ADC)

  • Carol Dougan, Chair
  • Thomas McLennan, Vice Chair
  • Mae Shupe
  • Nick Zacchia
  • Keara Maguire, Staff Liaison
Coaching Development Committee (CDC)

  • Lorelei St. Rose
  • Jason Hartleb
  • Barb Beck
  • Jen Gibson
  • Keara Maguire, Staff Liaison
Officials Development Committee (ODC)

  • Wim Kok
  • Bill Kempers
  • Candace Clouthier
  • Vacancy
  • Ted Houghton, Staff Liaison
Club and Membership Development Committee (CMDC)
  • Margaret Krieck
  • Stephen Abbott
  • Vacancy
  • Vacancy
  • Ted Houghton, Staff Liaison
Competitions Committee

  • CMDC Representative: Louise McLaren, Chair
  • CDC Representative: Jason Hartleb, Vice Chair
  • ODC Representative: Bill Kempers
  • ADC Representative: Carol Dougan
  • Keara Maguire, Staff Liaison
Awards Committee

  • Louise McLaren
  • Mae Shupe
  • Keara Maguire, Staff Liaison
Records Committee and External Course Credit Program Coordinator
  • Alison Leach


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The British Columbia Speed Skating Association gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.