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Welcome to the BC Speed Skating Association. Whether you are looking to improve your skating skills, become the next World Champion, give back to an amazing sport, or simply have fun- speed skating has something for you! With member clubs across the province, it’s easy to get started and stay hooked for life.

ISU Starter

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Bill Kempers (Sardis) has been recognized by the I.S.U and is now an ISU International Short Track Starter!  As well as reaching this esteemed level of certification, Bill is also eligible to be considered as a Starter at World Cups. Congratulations Bill!!  Well deserved recognition of your skills and commitment to our sport.

ISU Officials

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Huge congratulations to Stuart Gibbs (Abbotsford)!. He is now an ISU Championship Short Track Referee as advised by ISU today. He joins a very elite group of world wide Referees having achieved the highest certification in our sport.  This is the first time, in the history of BCSSA, that a BC Short Track Referee has reached this level. Well [...]

BCSSA was very well represented at the 2016 SSC AGM Awards Celebrations.  SSC recognized the commitment and contributions made by: David Reith (Kamloops) as the John Hurdis Outstanding Volunteer of the Year recipient; Lorna Holbech (Abbotsford) as the Jean R. Dupre Outstanding Administrator of the Year recipient and Ted Houghton (Abbotsford) as the inaugural recipient of the Guy Marcoux Officials Mentorship Award.


ATTENTION coaches, skaters and parent techs: Webinar Recording now available… with video too!


James Monson from the Calgary Olympic Oval provided some great information, focusing on hand rockering and hand bending blades. He is doing a demo throughout the webinar as he explains the concepts.

Email kearamaguire@nullgmail.com if you have any questions or issues.

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