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Welcome to the BC Speed Skating Association. Whether you are looking to improve your skating skills, become the next World Champion, give back to an amazing sport, or simply have fun- speed skating has something for you! With member clubs across the province, it’s easy to get started and stay hooked for life.

If you missed the live equipment webinar by David Morrison on May 17, you can now access the recording online by clicking here.

The recording is available for anyone to listen in and learn, but if you would like NCCP credit, please email kearamaguire@nullgmail.com your full name along with your answers to the [...]

The BC Speed Skating Academy Working Group is pleased to launch a *NEW* communications tool: the BC Speed Skating Academy Facebook Page. “Like” this page to stay current on Academy news. Messages sent to this page will be received by members of the Academy Working Group and will be responded to in a [...]

The Calgary Olympic Oval is partnering with the Western Branches to offer a mentorship opportunity for branch coaches. Branch coaches are invited to apply to form part of the coaching team at the Summer Speed Camp in Calgary, July 18-23 2016.

BC applicant coaches must complete the following form (also accessible via link) [...]

Attention coaches and skaters: FREE EQUIPMENT WEBINAR next Tuesday (May 17 @7pm) by David Morrison.
  • An overview of: boot fit, blade position, sharpening, rocker, bend and how equipment can impact performance.
  • This webinar is considered a module for the Intro to Competitions NCCP Course. PD (Professional Development) points with [...]
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